At Sun Life Financial, we've been providing insurance and wealth solutions to Canadians for 150 years. And we've been offering creative insurance and health care solutions to our affinity markets clients for more than 50 years.

Sun Life is recognized for excellent customer service and outstanding performance. Our 150 years of experience has taught us that focusing on our customers, understanding their unique needs and offering innovative solutions that provide value, are 3 factors that make Sun Life the partner of choice.

Partnerships that work

Our affinity markets team is dedicated to partnerships – with professional associations and affinity groups, with banks and credit unions, and with schools or organizations requiring coverage for their domestic and/or international students.

  • Associations and affinity groups

    Traditional professional associations, other occupation-linked associations and affinity groups can help meet their members' wide-ranging protection needs, through our customized, innovative products and services.

  • Creditor

    We partner with you to provide coverage for your customers' mortgages, personal loans, business, commercial and agricultural loans, lines of credit and outstanding credit card balances.

  • Student/Educational institutions

    You will benefit from the industry-leading innovations we have brought to the student insurance market. Our teams will work in partnership with you, delivering value and easy access to healthcare services.

  • SunAffinity

    If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional group benefit plan, SunAffinity is an ideal solution. With a variety of insurance plans available, your members can build the one that best suits their family's insurance needs.

Get insurance

Contact us to discuss the insurance needs of your group and learn more about the plans we can provide:

E-mail us at with the name of your organization.

Call us at 1-800-669-7921, Monday-Friday: 8am - 8pm ET.